The first device in the world that stops hair loss and promotes its regrowth

Highly effective

Backed  by published study results, TRICOGENESI® protocol significantly improves hair thickness and density in 4-6 months.

Patient friendly

A non-invasive, completely painless treatment resembling a massage, ensuring maximum comfort during the entire procedure.

Fast & simple

Performed in just 20 minutes by trained medical professional, fits perfectly into busy schedule with great patient compliance.

Results after 6 months*


TRICHOSCOPY showed an improvement in all 60 patients (30 males – 30 females).

RESEARCHER EVALUATION showed excellent treatment efficacy:

  • Global photography and trichoscopy showed improvement in all 60 patients with a partial or complete reduction in hair loss.
  • Male patients showed a 14.61% increase in the total number of hairs/cm2 in the anterior area of the scalp and a 13,62% increase in the hair diameter in the vertex area.
  • Female patients showed a 13.68% increase in the total number of hairs/cm2 at the anterior area and an increase in the hair diameter of 15,61% in the vertex area.

PATIENT EVALUATION showed excellent treatment efficacy:

  • 43 patients with significant improvement
  • 17 with moderate improvement.
* Alessandrini AM, Bruni F, Piraccini BM, Starace M. The Effectiveness and Tolerability of Preformed Growth Factors Vehiculated Through Iontophoresis on Patients with Androgenetic Alopecia and Telogen Effluvium: A Clinical Study. Dermatol Pract Concept. 2021 May 20;11(3):e2021082. doi: 10.5826/dpc.1103a82. PMID: 34123571; PMCID: PMC8172030.

TRICOGENESI® - How does it work?

TRICOGENESI® is a patented treatment protocol developed by the association of TRICOPAT® and growth factors vehiculated with iontophoresis as a result of the research project performed at the Scientific and Technological Hub in cooperation with the University of Bologna.

This technique represents a safe and effective option for treating and preventing androgenetic alopecia, by activating fibroblasts and elastin in the scalp under wound healing conditions, prolonging anagen phase, regrowth of new hair by stimulation of the blood microcirculation and by the effect of growth factors.

The procedure is simple for the operator and is extremely pleasant for the patient, with very low cost/effect ratio.

Patients Love It. Empower Your Clinic with Tricopat.

Our expert distributor team ensures a seamless and hassle-free installation. With a track record of excellence, we prioritize your convenience. We're committed to integrating Tricopat into your practice with minimal disruption, ensuring you can start delivering exceptional hair treatments right away.
Our comprehensive training is designed to cater to every learning preference, offering both online sessions for flexibility and hands-ons for practical experience. We're dedicated to ensuring you feel confident and well-prepared, optimizing the benefits of Tricopat for both your practice and your patients.

Our dedicated technical support team is at your service, ensuring that any queries or issues are addressed promptly. Whether you require troubleshooting assistance, maintenance guidance, or simply have questions about Tricopat's operation, we're here to help. With a commitment to your clinic's uninterrupted functioning, we prioritize swift resolutions, empowering you to provide the best care to your patients without any technical issues.


Join our webinars and learn from the Best World's Experts!

LIVE WEBINAR - in English
with Dr. Chiara Insalaco

Join us to learn about Hair Transplant approaches, including the innovative use of Tricopat. We're extremely pleased to have Dr. Chiara Insalaco, PhD in Regenerative Surgery from Tor Vergata University of Rome, a renowned expert in the field. She will guide us through the latest developments in hair transplant methods, emphasizing how Tricopat can be integrated into these procedures. It's a fantastic opportunity to gain invaluable insights and understanding of this cutting-edge approach to hair restoration!

March 01st 2024 | 15:00 (Italy time)
with Prof. Alfredo Rossi

Join us to learn about Androgenetic Alopecia, including its diagnosis and new treatments. We're extremely pleased to have Prof. Alfredo Rossi from Sapienza University of Rome, who is world known expert in this area. He'll guide us through how to recognize this condition and how Tricopat could be included in treatment approaches. It's a great opportunity to gain valuable insights!

January 24th 2024 | 15:00 (Italy time)
with Dr. Michela Starace

Dive deep into the world of Telogen Effluvium with our upcoming session, covering both its diagnosis and the pioneering treatment using Tricopat. We're honored to host Dr. Michela Starace from Bologna University, a distinguished expert in the field. She'll be elucidating the diagnostic nuances and shedding light on the transformative potential of Tricopat. A comprehensive understanding awaits you. Reserve your seat now!

December 07th 2023 | 15:00 (Italy time)

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Frequently asked questions

How many sessions does the patient have to do?
The protocol for telogen effluvium and M/F androgenetic alopecia is 4 sessions to be carried out one session every three weeks, while for alopecia areata incognita or lichen planopilaris it is 8 sessions to be carried out one session every 2 weeks.
What is applied during the Tricopat protocol?
Can I apply other serums with the Tricopat protocol?
Is the treatment painful?
How long does the session last?
When the improvement starts to be observed?
Once the protocol is finished, when the maintenance sessions should be performed?
At what age can the treatment be done?
Does the Tricopat protocol include consumables?
Does the Tricopat have a warranty?
What are the contraindications for the treatment?

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